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Everyone wants to know about...contour

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Contouring is a super easy thing however...its not an everyday wear. Think: Photoshoot: where everything has to be more dynamic. Think: Runway: where lights are lighting out the natural beauty. If you try to do this look everyday, use bronzer in these places, or highlighter to highlight. 

Contouring is a fun transformation to bring out those features your want to show off-----and----to hind those things you hate.

What the colors do....

Light colors- bring forward

Take the high light of my brow, the low high light will bring it forward to give it the "lift" effect!

Dark colors- push back or hide

Dark is my favorite, this is KEY to make you appear more slender! Check out all the areas that I'm trying to make smaller!

For everyday use try: BRONZER and Highlight.

For dynamic contour try the: TRIO POT


Watch how to HIGHLIGHT!

An oldy but goody

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